Project Description

Landal GreenParks asked us to create a new brand story and new campaign. Since Landal GreenParks is all about nature, the focus should be on the green environment and the calming and healthy effect of nature. Even recent studies show the effect of a stay in nature on our physical and mental health is evident.

While the competition is focusing on the facilities at the resort, Landal is encouraging their guest to enjoy the local surroundings. All resorts are located in the middle of beautiful forests, meadows, mountains and beaches. And on top of that, Landal is strongly connected to the local communities, which make a visit to a local farmer or brewery part of the Landal experiences.

Discover what green can do

The new tagline ‘discover what green can do’ emphasizes the healthy effect of a stay nature. Creatively this was translated to different colors of green that describe a memorable moment of your stay at Landal. Those memorable moments are not about the white sheets, nor the clean kitchen in your cottage. It’s about the unexpected adventures, like the salamander you caught while playing near the river. Or the beautiful sunset during your morning run.

Activate and generate

To get all guests involved we asked them to share their unique moments and experiences on social media. These moments were collected and shared on Landal’s owned channels. And became the ultimate proof of the effect of green.

Project Details




Landal GreenParks

Project Date:

1 januari 1970